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Corrugated Packaging SolutionsProducts

KCL offer a comprehensive range of corrugated packaging solutions to meet diverse shipping and product presentation needs.

Corrugated Cases

Our corrugated cases come in a wide variety of standard and non-standard styles and sizes.

Corrugated fibreboard offers a multitude of benefits as a packaging material. Its lightweight nature reduces shipping costs and its impressive strength ensures safe product arrival. Corrugated board is also highly customisable, allowing for the creation of unique box shapes and sizes to perfectly cradle your product. Additionally, it is a sustainable choice being composed of recycled paper fibers and readily recyclable itself, minimising environmental impact. So, from cost-effectiveness and protection to versatility and eco-friendliness, corrugated fibreboard stands out as a reliable and responsible packaging solution.

These include:


  • RSC (Regular Slotted Cases):
    The most common box style, ideal for general shipping and storage.
  • OSL (One-Piece Self-Locking):
    Quick and easy to assemble boxes with pre-folded flaps that lock into place.
  • FOLF (Full Overlap Flaps):
    Offers superior stacking strength and protection for heavier items.
  • HSC (Half Slotted Cases):
    Provides easy access to contents with a removable lid.
  • Mailer Boxes:
    Lightweight and cost-effective for mailing documents, catalogues, and other flat items.

We also offer custom corrugated case design services to create solutions tailored to your specific product dimensions and branding requirements.



Our Die-cut packaging solutions provide a precise fit for your products, offering superior protection and enhancing the presentation. Our in-house die-cutting capabilities allow for the creation of complex shapes and inserts that effectively cradle and secure your goods during transit.

Benefits of die-cut packaging include:


  • Enhanced Product Protection:
    Snug-fitting designs minimize movement and potential damage.
  • Reduced Void Fill:
    Eliminates the need for excess packing materials, lowering costs and environmental impact.
  • Improved Brand Presentation:
    Custom die-cuts can incorporate your logo and branding elements for a professional appearance.

We work closely with you to design and manufacture a solution that meets your needs and budget.


Corrugated fittings provide additional internal support and compartmentalisation within your shipping boxes.

These include:


  • Dividers:
    Separate and organize products within the box for better protection.
  • Partitions:
    Create multiple compartments for efficient packing and organisation.
  • Corner Posts:
    Offer reinforced protection for fragile items at box corners.

We also offer custom corrugated case design services to create solutions tailored to your specific product dimensions and branding requirements.

HQ Flexo Printing

Elevate your brand image and product presentation with our high-quality flexographic printing services. We utilise advanced flexo printing technology to create vibrant, high-resolution graphics directly onto your corrugated packaging.

Benefits of HQ Flexo Printing include:


  • Brand Recognition:
    Display your logo and messaging prominently on your packaging.
  • Product Differentiation:
    Stand out on the shelf with eye-catching graphics.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience:
    Create a professional and memorable brand impression.
  • Cost Effective Solution:
    Flexo post print is one of the cost efficient forms of printing

We offer a wide range of printing options, including custom colours, finishes, and personalised packaging solutions.

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