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Ink-redible News! We’ve Upgraded Our Printing Game with Donneck!

Hey there, packaging pals! Here at Kenross Containers, we’re all about staying ahead of the curve. That’s why we’re bursting with excitement to announce the installation of a brand new, state-of-the-art automatic ink kitchen from the amazing folks at Donneck!

For those of you unfamiliar with the inky side of things, an ink kitchen is basically the command center for our flexographic printing process. It’s where all the magic happens – the different colored inks are stored, dispensed, and mixed to create the perfect shades for your awesome corrugated boxes.

That’s where Donneck comes in. Their automatic ink kitchen is a game-changer! Here’s why we’re doing cartwheels (or maybe happy box jumps?):

  • Speed Demon: This bad boy is FAST! No more waiting around for ink to be mixed by hand. It’s like having a personal barista for your printing needs, only instead of coffee, it dispenses vibrant inks with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Clean Freak: Say goodbye to spilled ink and messy work stations! The Donneck system is all about keeping things tidy and efficient. Less mess means less waste, which is a win for both our bottom line and the environment.
  • Consistency is Key: With the automatic ink kitchen, we can ensure that every single box you get from us has exactly the same colour every time. No more batch-to-batch variations – just pure, consistent, inky perfection!
  • Happy Printers, Happy Life: Let’s face it, our printing crew is pretty great. But even the best artists need the right tools. This new system makes their job easier and more efficient, which means they can focus on what they do best – creating incredible printed packaging for your products.

Ultimately, this new ink kitchen translates to even better quality printing for you, our valued customers. You can expect sharper colours, more precise detail, and a consistently impressive presentation for your corrugated boxes.

So, the next time you order from us, just know that your boxes are getting the royal treatment – with some of the most advanced ink technology in the business! We’re excited to continue pushing the boundaries of corrugated printing and can’t wait to see what amazing things we create together. Stay tuned for some ink-redible packaging projects coming your way soon!

Thanks to the team at DONECK Euroflex S.A. for a great install and handover. Ink Colours Packaging Kenross